Admission Procedure

Normally, admission is open from December to January. However, depending on the availability of seats and suitability of students, admission is offered throughout the year. Students need to face an admission test at the pre-determined dates and time. There may also be special cases under special circumstances for admission. The authority reserves the right of admission.

  1. Any student, seeking admission to Al-Arafah Islamic Int’l School & College, is to collect an admission form and the prospectus from the admission office on payment of Tk. 500/= (non refundable)
  2. The filled-in Form, along with 03 (three) passport size photographs of the applicant, will have to be submitted to the office and thereafter, Admit Card for admission test will be given.
  3. Candidates, successful in written, viva and aptitude test will have to qualify in medical check-up.
  4. Students found fit for admission will have to submit his birth certificate,
  5. transcript of previous school (if applicable), parents photographs one each, and pay admission and other fees at a time or in pre-determined installments (if any). On completion of the above procedure, a student can be admitted to the desired class with the approval of the appropriate authority.
  6. Admission of any student can be cancelled without assigning any reason

Renewal of Admission:

Every student will have to renew admission every year on payment of re-admission fee and on fulfillment of other conditions as stated below:

  1. the student seeking readmission will have on record at least 75% attendance in the previous class/Year.
  2. the result of the previous class test is satisfactory.
  3. the overall conduct of student is satisfactory.

Principal will have the authority to reject re-admission without assigning any reason.

Syllabus for Admission Test

Play Group:

There is no formal admission test for Play group. However, the principal will have an oral interview with the parents and the child before the admission. Since seats

are limited, admission is offered on first come, first serve basis. If seats are filled up, there shall not be further admission unless the number of additional students seeking admission constitutes a group of ten for whom additional teacher might be arranged. Admission to the following classes will be ensured through an assessment test on the subjects mentioned:


  1. English Alphabet (Capital and Small).
  2. Number (1 to 50).
  3. Bangla Alphabet (Vowels Only).


  1. English Language.
  2. Mathematics.
  3. Bangla

Std-I to Std-V:

  1. English Language.
  2. Mathematics.
  3. Science

Std-VI to Std-X:

  1. English Language.
  2. Mathematics.
  3. Science

Note: For admission tests in KG to Std-X, syllabus of the previous class will be followed.